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Lesbian YouTuber Arielle Scarcella says it best whenever she iterates that we all know what fetishes are by now. Nevertheless there are specific points that just the lesbian neighborhood really does that you might perhaps not learn about and have now thus far not been talked-about considerably. Lesbian fetish, oahu is the elephant in room. Everyone knows it’s there but no person claims everything. Very nowadays we’re going to enable you to guess the woman listing of lesbian fetishes and after that you can watch the movie to determine the answers or read below.

  1. Strapophilla
  2. Meowvoyerism
  3. Chucksurism
  4. Dualphilla
  5. Bookendism
  6. Pseudosuckism
  1. Masculine lesbians just who never ever desire to lose their unique strap on and simply walk around along with it on.
  2. Girls who are also great permitting your partner to kick the cat from the sleep when they are fucking. It occurs.
  3. Girls exactly who allow their own chucks on once they’re screwing. Converse are lovely and challenging put-on. I am aware this… becoming clear this is not me personally.
  4. Ladies who want are fingered and licked concurrently. They can not exit without both. It feels excellent nevertheless pretty sure will be a lot of work.
  5. Ladies which love the double dildo. Imagine the lesbians as a book conclusion each and the dildo would be… the publications? I am not sure but i prefer it.
  6. Girls who’s strapophillia goes some further in addition they get off on women offering strike jobs their band on dildos.

Have you experienced these lesbian fetishes? Will you end up being implementing any one of Arielle Scarcella’s slang? Or do you have any of your very own which you think we should utilize? If you do tweet it to all of us @on Twitter. We would want to add it to the lesbian dictionary.